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VF-RI8B Rust Inhibitor

VF-RI8B Rust Inhibitor


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Excellent for steel media, dipping parts or when you need additional inhibitor in your compounds.

  • Concentrated Solution
  • Mix with water at 2 to 4 oz per gallon of water
  • pH 8.5

Rust Inhibitor VFRI8B should be used at a ratio of 2 to 4 Oz per gallon of water in general however there are two main situations that the fluid can assist with

1. Parts Rusting during Deburring Process

To tackle this situation start with clean water in your 7 gallon re circulation pail. Add 2 cups of VFRI8B and 2 cups of VF100 to the water. Run the parts and see if this solves the problem. If not just add more VFRI8BRI, a cup at a time until you get a rust free process

2. Flash Rusting Post Deburring

If the main issue is flash rust when the parts are taken out the deburring machine try making a 5 gallon pail of water with a much richer mixture of RI as a rinse tank. This water could be saved with a lid on it and reused for several days. In this case we suggest as much as a gallon of VFRI8B to 3 1/2 gallons of water.

If you are running material like cast iron that rusts quickly, this process will give you a longer self life. The RI does not usually leave any residue so this is a good step if the rust prone parts are sitting for any extended period until the next process step. The rust inhibitor also does not usually interfere with any coating processes. 
*55 Gallon Drum ships on a pallet via truck freight. A commercial address with a forklift or loading dock at delivery is preferred. We reserve the right to adjust your shipping charge depending on the delivery address and availability of a forklift or loading dock as additional charges may apply.
*Dustless blasting compatible. Mix in both the blast and rinse water to prevent flash rusting.

Customer Reviews

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Cherise Breckenridge
Rust Inhibitor

We run a dustless blasting business, and use this rust inhibitor. The performance is comparable to other rust inhibitors at 1/2 the price! Great product!

Charles Fuller

I am very pleased with this product to me it works better than the high price stuff I was using. I will be buying more it is more economic l to use and these days it is about the bottom line.

Shane McCarter
Great rust inhibitor.

Have used this product from Topline for the last year un my system. Could not be happier with the product and results.

Matthew Hecht

i RUN A DUSTLESS BLASTER MACHINE, PAID $360 FOR FIVE GALLONS, This stuff I rune 32 to 40oz per 20 gallons of water in my 200lbs pod, I use a miricule grow mix can at the end of my hoes no issues, big money saver, I'm back buying another 20 gallons.

Gunners Mobile Blasting Jacksonville NC

Richard Wright
don't know yet

Sorry, I only just received it and I am making some repairs to my tumbler. I hope it works as advertised.

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