Ceramic Media

C&M Topline offers an exhaustive inventory of ceramic media in all shapes, sizes, and formulations including ceramic burnishing (pre-polishing) formulations. If you don't see the media you need here for sale online, contact us and we will be happy to assist you. To view quantity discounts available, click on product item

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Ceramic Media
Precision Ceramic

Ceramic Media Formulations Formula Code Color Purpose Media Wear Surface Finish Weight Per Cubic Foot
Porcelain P White Burnish
Excellent Bright 85-90
Light Cut LC Gray Lt.Deburr Exceptional Good 85-90
General Purpose M Gray Gen.Deburr Exceptional Good 85-90
Fast Cutting SF Gray Fast Deburr Good Good 85-90
Extra Fast Cutting XF Tan Extra Fast Deburr Moderate Matte Fine 85-90
Dense Super Fast Cutting DF Brown Dense Fast Moderate Matte 95-100
Silicon Carbide SC Gray No Al Oxide Good Good 85-90
Ultra Aggressive UFX Blue Gray Aggressive Moderate Matte 85-90