Product Warranty

C&M Topline warrants our machine product to be free of material and workmanship defects. The period of warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase from an authorized seller*. No warranty is provided for products that have been modified, show a lack of proper preventative care, abused, handled carelessly, where repairs have been made or attempted by others, or for freight damage.  Many parts on our machines are line replaceable. Cosmetic or superficial defects with no impact on product operation, wear, or lifetime will be evaluated for warranty claims on a case by case basis. C&M Topline is not responsible for labor costs, contractor costs, or lost work time costs due to part replacement or repair of a warrantied item. No other warranty, written or verbal is authorized by C&M Topline. During the warranty period C&M Topline (or its authorized suppliers or agents) will replace or repair the the product without charge if the product is found by C&M Topline to be defective.

To receive warranty services you must contact C&M Topline via and receive authorization for warranty service. Unless otherwise authorized by C&M Topline, products must be returned to the factory to receive warranty service.

Exclusions and Special Cases:

  • Submersible Fluid Pumps are warrantied for a period of 90 days from purchase. A defective or failed pump will be replaced during this period. This warranty does not cover pumps that have been run dry, or used in any manner outside the manufacturers recommended uses.
  • Tumbling Barrels/Lids are warrantied for a period of 90 days. A leaking or broken tumbling barrel will be replaced during this period.
  • Motors, speed controllers, and certain other accessories are warranted by their respective manufactures. To receive warranty service on these items you must contact a brand label service center that supports the product in need of service. C&M Topline will assist you in locating a service center.
  • Tumbling media is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 30 days from purchase. This warranty applies only to media that has been used in accordance with C&M Topline recommendations. A sample of the defective media must be submitted prior to replacement or return authorization. Special formulations, shapes or sizes will not be allowed for returns. All transportation costs of media return are the customer responsibility. Please plan your media purchases carefully as most of our returns are the result of improper media selection. C&M Topline will be happy to aid in the selection process by sample testing parts in our laboratory, free of charge.

For the first thirty days after purchase (excluding tumbling media) we will pay normal and necessary surface domestic ground or economy freight charges both ways. After thirty days the customer is responsible for all freight charges.