Part Testing & Evaluation

C&M Topline offers part testing and evaluation at no charge to customers interested in purchasing a tumbling machine. Send us your test parts we will send you back sample finished parts with a recommendation report. The report will include the media we recommend, compounds, run times, parts per load and the machine we used

Turnaround time is usually Two to Three Weeks. We are often very busy with test part evaluations and so turnaround time will vary. We operate the part testing machines on a first come first served basis. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please send two to five test parts (more are not necessary and will be left un finished when returned) if possible and parts that are a true representation of average pre-finish quality. This is important so that our technicians can evaluate real parts that will be finished in your shop on a regular basis and not your best parts that may need less processing.

Provide the following information with your parts. This ensures we have all that we need to quickly test your parts:

  • Company Name:
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Email:
  • Contact Name and Position:
  • Industry:
  • Part Material/Composition:
  • Method of Part Manufacturing (i.e. CNC machined, cast, etc):
  • Desired Finish:
  • Post processing if any required after vibratory finishing:
  • Is a sample finished part provided?:
  • Qty to be processed per Hour/Days/Week/Month?:
  • Specifically describe the areas of concern that need finishing:
  • Preferred machine type and size:
  • Any finishing machines you or your company already owns:
  • Would you like your parts returned?: __Yes __No, If Yes Provide Your UPS or Fedex Account Number for return shipment
  • Any additional information that is needed:
Downloadable Form for your convenience. Please include with parts or email to

Please Mail your parts to:
Attn: Part Testing & Evaluation
C&M Topline
5945 Daley Street
Goleta CA 93117

If you'd like your parts returned please provide a UPS or Fedex account number with your information so that we may return your parts quickly upon completion.



After finish evaluations one of our technical sales representatives will be following up with you to discuss the outcome and answer your questions but please feel free to call or email your questions at any time.

For customers providing parts through one of our authorized dealers, the dealer will be in contact with you to discuss the results and recommendations.

The C&M Topline part and evaluation results are a recommendation of process and do not constitute a guarantee of performance due to the ultimately large number of variables. C&M Topline makes all effort to provide our customers with the absolute best recommendation however we cannot foresee every and all condition based on a small testing lot.

Unless expressly prohibited, C&M Topline reserves the right to photograph and publish pictures of finished and unfinished parts sent to us for evaluation on C&M Topline owned online channels for educational purposes.

C&M Topline is not responsible for any damage that may occur during shipping, handling or processing to any part provided for evaluation. All shipping costs of sample parts are the responsibility of the customer.