Our Story

C&M Topline is an industry leader in vibratory finishing and deburring. We have manufactured quality and affordable vibratory finishing equipment in the USA since 1972. The C&M Topline products range from Rotary Tumbler Bases with five sizes of Rotary Tumbler Barrels, three sizes of Bench Top Vibratory Bowls and two sizes of Vibratory Finishing Tanks (i.e. Mr Deburr). C&M Topline vibratory finishing and deburring machines replace expensive hand processes with an inexpensive means to deburr, degrease, clean and polish.

C&M Topline also sells a full line of deburring, polishing, and cleaning tumbling media and compound to get your operation up and running and to keep you running for years.

Our Story

In 1972 Clayton & Mary (C&M) owned a small auto electric shop in their home garage in Monrovia California. Clayton would disassemble starters and generator parts, clean them with a brush and solvent, and then rebuild them. Thinking there had to be an easier way, Clayton developed his own tumbling machine to make his life easier. A local salesman from a large company saw the machine Clayton developed and encouraged him to manufacture and sell them as a product to customers looking to clean parts in a similar fashion. In 1973 the first “Little Scrubber” vibratory tumbling tank was sold and C&M Cleaning Systems was open for business.

Because this was new technology that few had seen, Clayton & Mary decided the best way to get the word out was to demonstrate the machine at customer shops. A trailer was made and Mary travelled the western US from Arizona to Texas and New Mexico to demo the machines. To demonstrate the processes ability to clean while also preserving a delicate part, Clayton & Mary would sometimes drop a lit cigarette into the tumbling machine. After a few minutes they would retrieve the cigarette wet, unlit but fully intact. Customers were sold.

C&M remained a home based operation where parts were made in the garage or right on the driveway. Tarps were put down and the machines were even painted in the front yard until 1985.

In 1986 Clayton & Mary sold their small but productive business to their son Dan. Dan moved operations north to Santa Barbara California where it has grown and remains today.

With C&M Cleaning Systems prospering in 1994, Dan acquired the Topline brand of bowl and rotary tumbling machines and combined the names. The C&M Topline brand you know today was born.

Since 1972 many different industries have adopted the machines for use cleaning, polishing, and deburring a variety of parts and materials proving the incredible quality, versatility, and longevity of the C&M Topline machines.

In the summer of 2017, after almost 30 years at the helm of C&M Topline, Dan took a well-deserved retirement and left the company in the hands of his cousin at Pacific Vibe, Inc. Pacific Vibe, Inc. brings to C&M Topline over a decade of experience in the manufacturing and aerospace industries.