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VF-77T General Purpose Compound

VF-77T General Purpose Compound

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A unique blend of quality raw materials that has proven to be an excellent compound for controlling the white foam residue that plagues most users of plastic or UF resin bonded media. VF-77T works equally well on all metal and plastics. Designed primarily for aluminum alloys. A rust inhibitor may need to be added when used with steel.

  • Concentrated solution
  • Mix with water at 2 to 4 oz per gallon of water for polyester plastic media
  • Mix with water at 1 to 2 oz per gallon of water for synthetic plastic media
  • pH 10-11

*55 Gallon Drum ships on a pallet via truck freight. A commercial address with a forklift or loading dock at delivery is preferred. We reserve the right to adjust your shipping charge depending on the delivery address and availability of a forklift or loading dock as additional charges may apply

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