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TLV 75 & 50 Base Stand

TLV 75 & 50 Base Stand

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Complete TLV 75 & 50 Base Stand Replacement

The TLV 75 & 50 Base Stand offers a long-lasting rotational molded base with both the base and base pads included. It is designed to fit both the TLV 75 and TLV 50 Systems. Enjoy a firm and strong foundation with this robust base stand.

  • Long lasting rotational molded base
  • Includes base and base pads
  • Fits both TLV 75 and 50 Systems
  • Toroidal Dimensions are 17"in. x 14"in. x 11"in. 
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Great product

We love your product. But when it was delivered it was delivered to the front porch of home owner instead to shop door where we asked for it to be delivered and the driver was rude to home owner, I was 5 big boxes and filled home owners front porch,