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TL-1 IOL/MDT Style

TL-1 IOL/MDT Style

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Special IOL Barrel Lid Design

This barrel was designed for the Optical Lens industry. The precision molded barrel and machined ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene lid also make this barrel ideal for electronic tumbling, jewelry finishing and polishing, lapidary tumbling, aerospace precision finishing, dental equipment finishing, biotech finishing, pharmaceutical ball mills, and chemical and compound mixing industries as well.

This barrel is designed for wet or dry process. This is ideal for combining dry powders, ball milling, chemical mixing, removing burrs, de-flashing, and polishing.

  • Rotational molded then machined to a exact dimension for easy duplication of laboratory procedures
  • Specially designed for the IOL industry
  • Hexagon shape increased barrel efficiency, reducing run times
  • Special tight fitting lid with silicon O ring seal
  • Special lid prevents debris formation
  • Made in the USA

Tumbling Barrel Spec Chart

*Barrel RPM is approximate and can vary

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