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Mr. Deburr DB300 Drive Belt

Mr. Deburr DB300 Drive Belt


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DB300 Drive Belt


  • Loosen the 4 bolts that hold the pillow block bearings and shaft up to the blocks beneath the tank
  • While supporting the shaft completely remove the two bolts on the side closest to the shaft pulley
  • Remove the old belt if needed
  • Slide the new belt onto and around the shaft pulley
  • Slide new belt onto and around motor pulley
  • Re-install the bearing bolts removed (thread locker may be used)
  • Torque bearing bolts to 40-50 ft-lbs
  • Ensure motor is placed in shafts such that the belt is sufficiently loose. See note below

*Do Not Over-tighten. Installed belt should have approximately 1-inch play when gauged by hand

*Manufacturer Part Number: 5L 390 (For use with coil spring equipped DB300 machines only)

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