Using Rust Inhibitor VFRI8B With Steel Parts

Using Rust Inhibitor VFRI8B With Steel Parts

Rust Inhibitor VFRI8B should be used at a ratio of 2 to 4 Oz per gallon of water in general however there are two main situations that the fluid can assist with

1. Parts Rusting during Deburring Process

To tackle this situation start with clean water in your 7 gallon re circulation pail. Add 2 cups of VFRI8B and 2 cups of VF100 to the water. Run the parts and see if this solves the problem. If not just add more VFRI8BRI, a cup at a time until you get a rust free process

2. Flash Rusting Post Deburring

If the main issue is flash rust when the parts are taken out the deburring machine try making a 5 gallon pail of water with a much richer mixture of RI as a rinse tank. This water could be saved with a lid on it and reused for several days. In this case we suggest as much as a gallon of VFRI8B to 3 1/2 gallons of water.
If you are running material like cast iron that rusts quickly, this process will give you a longer self life. The RI does not usually leave any residue so this is a good step if the rust prone parts are sitting for any extended period until the next process step. The rust inhibitor also does not usually interfere with any coating processes. 
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