Supporting the Future of Manufacturing

Supporting the Future of Manufacturing

C&M Topline is excited to announce our support for Team 973 |The Greybots  out of Atascadero High School in Central California.

The Greybots are a high school robotics program that is currently the reigning World Champions in the FIRST Robotics Competition. They compete all over the US against teams from over 25 countries. In one contest teams build 120-pound robots in six weeks. Students on this team manufacture their own parts and learn how to use mills, lathes, and other machines.  The students learn engineering concepts that help motivate them for careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Since 2009, all of the Greybot students have gone on to higher education.

We were able to support The Greybots by donating  a Mr. Deburr 300DB tumbling machine and enough 1 x ¾ Wedge plastic tumbling media for their upcoming competition season. This setup will help them reduce the labor spent on cleaning and deburring the parts that go into their robotic systems by hundreds of hours.

We can’t wait to see what this team does next and how far they will take their ideas. We are proud to sponsor them and watch the next generation of manufacturing leaders build careers in this hands-on way.


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