Sticky Parts Stopping Work Flow?

Sticky Parts Stopping Work Flow?

Parts Sticking

When finishing metal parts in a vibratory tumbling machine, preventing them from
sticking together is essential for achieving optimal results. Here are some tips to help to avoid part-to-part adhesion during the tumbling process:

1. Media Selection:
  Use the right type and size of tumbling media.
  For thin, flat pieces that tend to stick together, consider adding very small
tumbling media to keep them separated.

2. Proper Loading:
 Ensure that the vibratory tumbler is 75-90% full for optimal performance.
 Arrange the parts evenly within the tumbler to minimize contact between

3. Media-to-Part Ratio:
 Adjust the media-to-part ratio based on the specific parts being processed.
Sometimes removing just a few parts can prevent part adhesion.

4. Blocking:
 To keep parts, separate, consider using a zip tie. It’s a simple and effective
solution. Just thread the zip tie through the desired components and
tighten it securely. This will help prevent them from shifting or coming into
contact with each other.
 Add small scrap metal pieces of different shapes. The odd shapes can come
between the parts and reduce the chance of them sticking.

5. Correct Water Flow.
 Make sure you do not keep the water flow too high. Your media needs to
be wet. If there is an excess of water in the tub it can aid in the parts
sticking together. After the media is wet, the water flow should be set to a steady trickle. 

Hopefully some of these tips will help you achieve the desired surface finish while
minimizing part sticking in the vibratory tumbler. Happy finishing!


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