Mr. Deburr Tips and Maintenance

Mr. Deburr Tips and Maintenance

Tips for Optimal Operation

  • Clean your equipment regularly by running fresh water with a light duty detergent such as Simple Green, through the machine and media. This will help in keeping your processed parts free of stains, dust, well as help reduce foaming and odors. 
  • Use fresh fluids and change them often. It is recommended that you change fluids once a day or every 8 hours of operation. Organic fluids left sitting for many days can turn rancid. 
  • When tumbling, only a slow trickle of tumbling fluid is needed from the spray bar to keep the media tank wet-out properly. If the flow is too strong you will have excessive foaming and increased run times. To reduce flow rate you can adjust the brass spray bar valve down stream from your fluid pump.
  • Clean and rinse parts quickly after processing. Nonferrous parts may stain if not cleaned and dried properly. Ferrous parts may rust. There are compound additives that will help in removing and/or preventing part staining. 
  • Media wears out in time. The longer media is used the less its abrasive power. Softer materials such as aluminum tend to clog the media, harder materials tend to wear the surface of the media. The use of fluids will help to optimize your results. C&M Topline recommends that you establish a regular schedule for changing and discarding your media. You will gain knowledge regarding process times, and media life. Keeping records of your process variables will help you optimize your process. 
  • Ensure your machine is anchored directly to a solid concrete surface. Mounting to something such as a pallet or placing vibration dampening between the machine and floor may cause damage to the motor and will void the warranty
  • Check the V belt to see that it is not too tight. It should have about 3/4” of deflection half way between the pulleys at 2-3 lbs for the DB300 and 2” of deflection for the DB600. 
  • The media level should be 5” from the top of the tank. If the level of media drops too low, the media will not tumble as vigorously

Regular Maintenance (Every 30 Days of Operation)

  • Lubricate Bearings – NLGI#2 Lithium or Lithium Complex, Caution – Do not use excessive grease. (Every 100 hours of run time)
  • Check Torque on Bearing Mounts – 40-50 ft-lbs 
  • Check Torque on Motor Mounts – 130-140 in-ozs 
  • Check Torque on Bearing Shafts Sets – 65-70 in-ozs 
  • Check Torque on Tub Mounts – 240-280 in-ozs 
  • Inspect For Loose Hardware including anchor bolts 
  • Clean as Required, A media flush with water/detergent is described above

Special note on bearing lubrication

Easy access to the bearing grease zerk fittings is provided. Use a lithium based grease available from any auto parts store. It is very important that you DO NOT OVER GREASE the bearings. Too much grease will cause overheating.

One squirt with a hand grease gun every 100 hours of operation is sufficient. A small amount of grease at frequent intervals is preferable to a large amount at infrequent intervals.

If the bearings seems to be changing pitch or noise volume it may be time to service or replace the bearing.

Visit for replacement parts. We also offer full bearing assembly rebuilds for Mr Deburr DB600. Contact us at for details.


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