How to Reduce Foaming

How to Reduce Foaming

A frequent question we get here at C&M Topline is "How do I reduce the foaming?"

The foam mess can be a frustrating part of vibratory tumbling using a wet process. Foaming is usually at it's peak with new plastic media and when not enough tumbling compound is used.

To Reduce Foaming of Plastic media:
  • Change your water frequently depending on your run times and part loads. Heavier users will need to change water more frequently. We recommend at least once a day or every 8 hours of run time. To make change over and cleaning of your water easier use a pail liner.
  • Try flushing your media with fresh water and a mild cleaner such as Simple Green. This will remove any built up residue
  • Use a bit more VF77 compound on your first run with new media. Recommend 3 or 4 oz per gallon. You can use more if the foaming is extreme
  • When tumbling, use only enough flow rate to keep your media wet-out. Oversaturating the media in the tank can contribute to excessive foaming. A slow trickle from your fluid system dispenser is all that is usually needed once the media has been fully wet out. Avoid standing fluid in your tank.
  • Use less compound after your first tumble with new media, 2 oz per gallon of water.
  • Try synthetic media. Foaming is much less with synthetic media but the media does wear faster
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