Before and After: Stainless Steel Laser Cut Burr Removal

Before and After: Stainless Steel Laser Cut Burr Removal

Process Developed:

Machine: Mr Deburr DB300

  1. Four Hours with Cylindrical Wedge 1 X 1 SF
  2. Compound: VF100 with the SF Media
Frequently we are asked to deburr and clean parts that have been laser or plasma cut. This is a common application for the C&M Topline Mr. Deburr machine and good results are easily achieved with standard medias. These parts had heavy burn residue and flashing. With a large sized media and enough time the Mr. Deburr machine easily reduces finish labor and allow your shop to process large batches at once.

Before on Left:

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I agree, before you even begin operating a cnc machine you need to know what you are <a

href=‘’>cutting. After all, this helps you plan things out in advance and make sure that you do everything

correctly. It might even be able to help you decide what material to use for your project as well.


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