Before and After: Stainless Steel Golf Putters

Before and After: Stainless Steel Golf Putters

Process Developed:

Machine: Mr Deburr DB300

  1. Two Hours with Angle Cut Triangle 7/8 X 7/8 SF
  2. 45 minutes with Angle Cut Cylinder 3/16 X 3/8 P
  3. Compound: VF100 with the SF Media, VF150 with the P media

The precision milled golf putter heads required a deburring and polishing operation for the best finish. In step one we ran the hard steel parts with a large high abrasive angle cut triangle shape to really work on the hard burrs and sharp edges. After 2 hours we changed our tank over to a smaller angle cut cylinder in the polish formula and ran the parts in an acidic VF150 compound/water mixture to burnish and brighten. The putter heads are ready for market after this final step.

Before on Left:

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