Before and After: Aluminum Deburr and Polish

Before and After: Aluminum Deburr and Polish

Process Developed:

Machine: Mr Deburr DB300

  1. Two Hours with Angle Cut Triangle 7/8 x 3/8 SF ceramic
  2. Thirty minutes with Angle Cut Cylinder 3/16 X 3/8 Polishing Ceramic
  3. Compound: VF77 and VF150

This is a very common application of the tumbling process. Step one, called the cut down, was performed with a ceramic media in this case due to the large burrs. The ATS 7/8 X 3/8 did a good job of aggressively removing the large burrs left over from machining. To give the parts a nice shine, a second step was performed using the ACC 3/18 X 3/16 Polishing porcelain. 
Aluminum before deburring and polishing
aluminum after polishing and deburring
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