Before and After: Aluminum 6061

Before and After: Aluminum 6061

Process Developed:

Machine: Mr Deburr DB300

  1. Two Hours with Tetrahedron 3/4 X 3/4 X 3/4 X Green Plastic
  2. Compound: VF77

This is a very common application and common material for tumbling. Tumbling in our Mr Deburr machine is the most efficient way to prepare CNC machined firearm parts like these for anodizing. AL 6061 is deburred and finished nicely using the general purpose green plastic media. We selected a tetrahedron to try and access the pockets and fins. Sizing a media to enter every individual feature on the part is sometimes difficult but the points on a tetrahedron access inside edges of pockets nicely. The finished part is ready for anodize in a fraction of the time as compared to hand processing
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