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Mr. Deburr DB600 Complete Bearing Assembly

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The DB600 complete bearing assembly comes with everything you need to fully replace your bearing system. The assembly is pre built and spacing is set so that you can quickly and easily replace the entire assembly on your shop floor. 

The complete assembly includes:

  • 2 Split Block Housings
  • 2 Roller Bearings
  • 2 Sleeve Adapters
  • 4 Housing Seals
  • Drive Shaft
  • 2 Shaft Weights
  • Shaft Pulley
  • Shaft Pulley Bushing

*Does not include tooling shown

When Installing the Unit:

  1. Put a thread locker adhesive on the bolt threads
  2. Install in place and tighten the 4 bolts just before hand tight
  3. Use the belt and pulley to rotate the shaft
  4. Ensure the shaft is free running and smooth, the offset weights will give it the illusion that it's hanging up but it's just heavier as it rolls over. The bearings should feel nice and smooth through the whole rotation
  5. The best way to ensure exact alignment is by ensuring that each housing bolt hole on both sides of the shaft are the same distances from the edge of the welded on bearing mounting block. 
  6. If the unit doesn't feel smooth you can tap on the housings to adjust their alignment, this may take a few iterations
  7. Tighten down with full torque until tight
  8. Never run the machine with loose bolts

Bearing Specs and Greasing Guideline

SKF Split Housing Assembly and Maintenance Instructions


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