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Tank Divider for Mr. Deburr D600 (6.5 Cubic Foot) Machine

Tank Divider for Mr. Deburr D600 (6.5 Cubic Foot) Machine

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The DB600 tank divider makes it easy to:

  • Run multiple batches of parts at the same time
  • Run multiple media sizes and/or shapes at the same time
  • Reduce part impingement on soft materials
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to install at any location
  • Simple and sturdy design and construction


  • Simply decide where you want the divider to be located for your application
  • Place the divider in the chosen location
    • Ensure the notched end at the top fits around the spray bar that runs across the back of the tank 
    • The divider is not meant to sit in between the ribs of the liner
      • It should sit on top of the ribs and have a snug fit
    • Occasionally the divider may be slightly oversized and difficult to fit.
      • In this case lightly sand the edges of the divider until it can be put in place.
  • Mark holes to be drilled
  • Drill two 5/16” holes
  • After drilling holes, fasten in place with included nuts and bolts.
    • Note: The set of three pre-drilled holes are used for the sound abatement cover attachment and are not meant for divider mounting

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